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New Cube not functioning
December-27-2015, 13:31
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New Cube not functioning
I presume I have a defective unit. Plugged into both wall outlet charger and USB. Will not turn on. No lights, no sound, no nothing! If it comes partially charged then that didn't work either.

Is there a widespread defect issue with this thing? How can they produce something that simply doesn't work?
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December-27-2015, 13:49
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RE: New Cube not functioning
I try letting it sit plugged ina good 1 hours, then try to see if it turns on. if not return. sometimes ittakes time to get juicein there. for example my gps needs 15 minute to show a sign of life before it can get turned on it will fade on real dim then start to come to life, just saying let sit for a few if not RMA
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