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No Sound
October-07-2014, 18:14
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No Sound
I've recorded a few test video clips, but I'm not getting any sound. I've checked my computers' sound settings, which work for other video clips that I have created with other cameras, but the ones that I shot with my Cube are silent.

Any suggestions short of returning the product for replacement or repair?
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October-08-2014, 07:11
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RE: No Sound
- Try on another computer these videos
- Try to reset settings on Cube
- Try to format your microSD
- Check if you record with sound
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October-09-2014, 21:34
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RE: No Sound
Whatever Polaroid did to their particular .MOV format obviously doesn't work on some systems, without a codec update. Good luck!
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October-11-2014, 19:46
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RE: No Sound
Are you running Quicktime?
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October-14-2014, 02:18
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RE: No Sound
try matroska.org
(October-11-2014 19:46)Guest Wrote:  Are you running Quicktime?
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November-09-2014, 05:32
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RE: No Sound
Yesterday I was videoing some stuff and when I went to play it back there was no sound. I then tested it by taking the camera out of its case and ensuring that the mic was not blocked by my finger and took some more video. Again, no sound (both from the camera and after downloading the video to my computer). Is it possible that I may have inadvertently somehow turned the audio off? I can't see anything in the menus related to the audio. Or, is it simply that the camera is defective and therefore should be returned? I've had the camera for about two weeks. Any thoughts on how to rectify my audio problem would be appreciated.

Thanks for help
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November-30-2014, 07:57
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RE: No Sound
VLC player fixed the problem for me. try that one.
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December-01-2014, 00:19
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RE: No Sound
This is impressive that so many people have problems with this cube codecs and have no sound. VLC is such a good player that comes with codecs thank you for sharing! I use that player to watch divix movies as well.
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December-01-2014, 19:24
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RE: No Sound
playing the video in VLC is no real solution. Files need to be able to be edited and this means the system's codecs need to be able to interact with the files.

I've come up with a hopefully painless solution that could make things more compatible. It uses ffmpeg to convert the MOV files to an MP4 container, and re-encodes the audio to 256K mp3, which is pretty widely supported.

1. Download ffmpeg: https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html#build-windows
2. The ffmpeg zip file contains a folder with the current version of the ffmpeg files. Extract this folder somewhere and rename it ffmpeg. I put mine in E:/apps/ffmpeg
3. Open notepad and paste in the following:

for %%a in ("*.mov") do "E:\apps\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe" -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec mp3 -ab 256k "%%~na.mp4"

Notice the part "E:\apps\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe"... you will need to modify this to the path of your ffmpeg.exe file, which is part of the files you extracted in step 2 (in the bin folder).

4. Save this file somewhere you can find it, changing the name to convertMOVtoMP4.bat and "Save as type" to All Files.

5. Now, to convert the files, just drag and drop a MOV file onto the batch file. It will cycle through each MOV file in the same directory and create a new file in the mp4 format.

-I wouldn't do this on the SD card. I'd copy the files to the disk first and work from them that way.

-If you only want to run a single conversion at a time, you could run the command manually in the command line, or modify the batch file.

-This does not re-encode the video. It only copies it from the MOV container to the MP4 container.

-You can use a different codec for the audio if you want; I'm not very skilled in ffmpeg and this one worked for me and my video editing software. It's a high bitrate mp3 so you shouldn't lose much quality (not that the cube has great audio recording capabilities to begin with). It will most likely increase the filesize slightly.

-I really haven't tested this much, I don't know how the quality would be, how well it keeps synchronized with the video, etc.
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January-30-2016, 11:47
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RE: No Sound
(November-30-2014 07:57)bryanH Wrote:  VLC player fixed the problem for me. try that one.

it works!!!Laughing
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